If I had a nickel for every time I heard this I'd be a millionaire!  A dog is a dog. They have the same dental set up and same digestive systems as big dogs- just smaller. Now, that being said, I would personally feed different sized bones for a small dog compared to a large dog simply for practical reasons. For example, my German Shepherds eat all forms of bones ranging from chicken necks to turkey backs and everything in between. If you have a small dog I'd stick with the smaller bones for the mere fact that feeding will be an acceptable amount of time. Our dogs are of the same species and need the same nutrients. I have found that chicken necks are PERFECT for small breeds and puppies. They are small enough for extremely easy feedings and very easy to measure out and store as well. I have found my local poultry butcher sells me chicken necks in bulk for $.59/ lb. As raw feeding becomes more understood,accepted and promoted by many animal healthcare professionals, and more popular most butchers are aware there is a market for these supplies. Trust me, your "little dogs" will thank you!!