" Are bones dangerous for dogs to eat? "

" Will raw chicken make my dog sick? "

" Doesn't raw meat pass along deadly bacteria?"

" So, do you mix it in with their 'dog food'?"

" How do you cook it?"

 These are just a few of the most common questions I get regarding a raw diet for you dogs. I love when people approach me to seek out the best lifestyle for their dogs. There are NOOO stupid questions!! I am going to address these first 5 fundamental questions/misconceptions in case anyone needs some basic info to get started.

1.) "Are bones dangerous for dogs to eat?"
  Plain and simple- NOPE. Bones are not only safe but they are an ESSENTIAL element in a healthy canine diet. The key here is raw. NEVER cooked bones. Cooked bones pose a threat of splintering whereas raw bones do not.

2.) " Will raw chicken make my dog sick? "
  NOPE. Remember, the concept of feeding a raw diet is based on the fact that it is biologically appropriate. We are NOT talking about a biologically appropriate diet for humans. We are discussing dogs. Totally different species. Dog and/or Canis Lupus Familiaris. Subspecies of the Wolf and/or Canis Lupus. Their systems are filled with loads of healthy bacteria, in fact they thrive on it.

3.) " Doesn't raw meat pass along deadly bacteria?"
  Again, NOPE. Same explanation regarding the raw chicken. I'm telling you, their species natually has great immune systems that THRIVE on these bacterias and promote even stronger immune systems!!

4.) " So, do you mix it in with their 'dog food'?"
  NOPE. It is their dog food. Kibble manufactured in factories and sold in stores is void of proper nutrients and loaded with chemicals that serve extremely detrimental to your dog. At any rate, there is no need to ween them off of kibble or partially feed raw. A dog digests raw meat and bones at a completely different rate than that of kibble. Most dogs switched from kibble to raw with go thru a detox stage to eliminate the toxins built up from processed dog food. This may include mild stomach upset or diarrhea. Totally normal, but as long as you are including any processed food mixed in with the raw food this stage will continue.

5.) " How do you cook it?"
  Like I said before--there are NO stupid questions, but this one always kinda makes me giggle. No cooking involved. NONE. Buy it and toss it in their bowl. Yep, as easy as that!

I hope I answered a few questions anyone might have! It's just a start but I always feel the need to be somewhat of a 'myth buster' to these very common misconceptions. Thanks and remember if you have a topic you'd like me to touch on please feel free to contact me!