While there are countless benefits of feeding our dogs a raw diet, some of the most noticeable are those that 'meet the eye(or nose)'. So many people approach me when I am out with my dogs simply to say,"I have never seen such a beautiful dog!". Of course, we are all a bit biased when it comes to our dogs but the folks who approach me are genuinely shocked at the appearance of my dogs. Much to their surprise I inform them they require very little maintenance compared to others' dogs. The eye catching differences include a shiny coat, no flaky red skin patches, strong white teeth, little to no odor, and lean healthy bodies.

The first thing that catches the eye is the coat. My particular dogs are black and as we know, black shows everything. Shine, shine, shine! A dog's coat is one of the first outer signs of good health. A raw fed dog is getting the proper natural fats and nutrients to ensure proper circulation which in turn equals an amazing coat! The proper fats ingested and lack of grains (allergens) prevent flaky, itchy, red skin, as well. I personally have German Shepherds which are the breed often referred to as "German Shedders" . While raw dogs still go thru their shedding seasons the hair loss is cut by at least 60-70% compared to dogs fed processed food. The reason for this is that their thyroid is being compromised by the chemicals and depleted nutrition from eating processed dog food. Anyone with altered thyroid function can't dispute the effect it has on their hair.

Teeth. Ah, yes. A dog's teeth are one of the factors a vet may examine to determine the age and health of a dog. Not only do the teeth of our raw fed dogs sometimes fool a vet or two when determining their age, they save us hundreds on dental care. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the expense of canine dental care but all I have to say is I'd rather spend that money on a vacation!A few years back I tested out my teeth theory by bringing my senior dog to a new vet and acting as tho I just found her and wanted to know her approximate age. She was actually my rescue that I found abandoned in a box 12 years prior to my little "how old do you think she is Doc?" 'experiment'. Her estimate was 3-4 yrs old. Nope, she was almost 13!

Another unmistakable difference is the fact that our raw fed dogs have little to no odor. It's true,no raunchy dog smell as well as no greasy dog film on your hands after petting your pooch.

The last benefit I will discuss tonight(definitely not the least) is the body type of a dog fed a biologically appropriate diet. Lean and strong. Our dogs thrive on the proper proteins and amino acids supplied by the raw meaty bones. It is essential for them to stay lean to retain good health and mobility. Giving them the essential proteins combined with amino acids keeps the lean muscle while using the fats as fuel.

So, now I'm signing off to go spend some quality sleep time with my beasts :) See everyone tomorrow!