"How could feeding raw be as easy as feeding kibble?? It's just SO easy to fill the bowl with dry and walk away.
How much time is involved, amount of money and how much effort on the humans part is involved?"

I just got this question this evening but I can't tell you how many times before I have heard similar statements. Good questions, tho. We all lead busy lives and it seems the amount of money we spend goes up by the day. Here's the break down:

"How could feeding raw be as easy as feeding kibble??"

It really can't get easier than feeding raw. Once you weigh out your dog's food for about a week you will be used to how much you feed him. From that point you just toss it in the bowl and wash your hands. Done. Really, that easy.


I can't see why it would take any longer to put raw food in his bowl than kibble? Effort-- When I am getting low on thawed food I take out some frozen stuff and then its thawed by the time I need it.


Say you have an 90lb dog. If you are buying a "designer" dog food for him you would need about 105lbs of food per mo. So 3-4 30 lb bags, right? Okay so that costs approximately, what, $190/mo? About $1.80/lb. I get my raw supplies from the butcher for .59/lb.So, more than twice as much per lb. A 90 lb dog will eat about 60-90 lbs of raw food per month but about 105 lbs of kibble per month.

No matter how many times I break down the process I still think of all the extra time, money,effort and worry I'm saving in vet bills and peace of mind.

"Feed me clean food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding,to hunt by your side, and stand ready, willing, and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger"~Trygve's Prayer