Give the dog a bone! Even as far back as "Old McDonald" ( and farther back) it has been advised and intended!  Not only are bones an ESSENTIAL part of your dogs diet, they are very beneficial in various ways. A dog's health depends on a diet rich in raw bone. It supplies our dogs with the primary nutrients, calcium and phosphorus. Many people are apprehensive about the myth of a threat bones may pose. It's just that, a myth. As long as NO cooking is involved, bones are not only safe, but required for health. As well as the nutrients provided by bones they also keep their teeth strong and healthy.  Many people take their dogs in for expensive dental maintenance on a regular basis. There is truly no need. If your dog regularly eats raw meaty bones their teeth will naturally be clean and healthy without any additional dental care.Take a look thru my photo gallery and you will see some pearly whites!