Itchiness, flakiness, goopiness, bald spots, hot spots, diarrhea, ear infections --- DREADED allergies! Canine allergies are one of the top health issues plaguing the dog world. It's unfortunate because it is such unnecessary agony for our dogs.  I mean it is truly one of those things that takes on the 'snowball' effect. First it might be a random ear infection or itchy skin. Soon the ear infection becomes recurring and the itchy skin turns into an ugly hotspot.

Grain is one of the top sources of the histamines that cause these reactions. It is NOT biologically appropriate for our dogs to ingest grain therefore there systems are intolerant of it. The majority of commercial dog food contains grain. While grain is a leading cause of canine allergies it is not solely responsible.

The processing of vegetables and animal by-products is yet another leading cause of allergies. While the list of ingredients may include "chicken", "beef", "duck", "venison", "carrots", "potato" etc. these ingredients are still processed and/or rendered at high temperatures, changing their composition. Not only does the temperature alter the composition but other factors enter in. In these rendering plants the animal by-products come from heaps of dead animals. If that wasn't bad enough, these sources include cats, dogs, horses, pigs and so on. They are literally thrown into the 'rendering' troughs with old flea and tic collars on or even just regular collars. Need I even point out how biologically INAPPROPRIATE it is for our dogs to be ingesting pesticides, medications and metals (just to name a few toxins)???!!! Disgusting to say the least!! I have heard numerous times, "my dog is allergic to chicken so I can't feed raw". What needs to be understood here is that the "chicken" by-product this dog's allergy diagnosis is based on is not really even "chicken" at all. Raw chicken, in it's natural state does not even compare to the "chicken" listed in the ingredients on a bag of dog food or treats.

Let's just say your dog was in charge of feeding you daily. If you made it clear to him or her that you had an allergy to processed meat yet he fed you just that day in and day out, what kind of quality of life do you think you would have?

"Feed me clean food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding,to hunt by your side, and stand ready, willing, and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger"~Trygve's Prayer