Twenty years ago I would not have believed I'd be blogging about poop on a Friday night! Oh well, it's a legitimate concern and I might as well get it over with. Let's face it, one of the ONLY drawbacks to being a dog owner is poop patrol. The specifics would be frequency, quantity/consistency, and stench. Yuuuuck. There is good news, tho, for those of you contemplating switching to a raw diet.

Frequency- Plain and simple. A raw fed dog is getting more nutrients they require so they have FAR less waste. Yay!! When our dogs are benefiting and absorbing what they need they will usually only have one bowel movement per day or one every other day. That is a significant difference. Approximately 60%-70% less excrement. 

Quantity/Consistency- Not only do our dogs only poop once a day or every other day, it's far less of an amount per bowel movement. Consistency tends to be more solid than that of a kibble fed dog. Once the feces oxidizes it dries up and turns dusty, which means NO CLEAN UP! Big time advantage! It's completely biodegradable.

Last, but DEFINITELY, not least- Stench- You guessed it! And, no, it's not just because I am biased and I think my dogs' "sh** don't stink", IT DOESN'T! Ok, so I can't deny that it has an odor, BUT, again, once it oxidizes it is extremely mild to no smell!

You might be thinking you will believe it when you see it, so be my guest! See it. Let's go. Get your dogs what they need!

Ok, seriously, enough poop talk for a Friday night!

See you all tomorrow!