Hey everyone- Want to let you know why I want to get this site going and why my services are valuable. I got my first German Shepherd Dog,  Mugsy, a couple weeks after my father passed away. I was 15 years old and he saved me from crippling depression.  We rescued him from a local shelter where a breeder surrendered him at 8 weeks old. By the time he turned 3 he  started having mild focal seizures. His diagnosis was Idiopathic Epilepsy. His seizures were few and far between until he was about 10 yrs old. At that time they became grand mal seizures and a lot more often. His vet at the time knew very little about the disease and offered 2 options--loads of meds or euthanasia. Of course I went with the meds.  Mugsy quickly deteriorated. He became lethargic, developed hypothyroidism, liver enzymes elevated, and even his appearance was poor. If that wasn't bad enough, he was still having seizures. I started researching the disease and became somewhat obsessed with learning as much as I could. I found a GREAT web forum for owners of epileptic animals and learned that grain triggers seizures in epileptic dogs as well as epileptic humans. At that point I got all of the info I could on the BARF diet. I even consulted a Canine Nutritionist thru the web forum. That was 12 yrs ago. I have been feeding my dogs raw ever since. I was able to cut down Mugsy's meds by about 60%. Sad to say he has since passed away, but very happy to say he lived til he was 16(nearly 17)! I have always been comforted in knowing I did EVERYTHING in my power,and as my responsibility to him, to give him a great life. Of course it was a stressful time trying to deal with seizures but I have always been grateful to him for teaching me soooo much. Not only about the disease, or the diet, but about responsibility, loyalty and unconditional love.  Currently I have 2 German Shepherd Dogs- Draco, 6 and Uschi 3. They are pictures of health and thriving everyday on their raw diet. So, anyway, that's our story and thanks for being a part of my brigade towards complete canine health!