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"I am sharing this with you, simply because it is true, and very important. At 8 months old my German shepherd was diagnosed with SEVERE allergies. Started slow, and progressed like a freight train going down hill. Berrin was allergic to wheat, corn, gluten, soy, Kentucky blue grass, pine, ragweed and so much more. I tired everything to fix this. Vets every 2 weeks for shots for 11 months, holistic, raw bee pollen you name it. Anita is a good friend of mine, and her knowledge of raw diet, and dog nutrition in general served a great purpose 3 fold. After 11 months, Berrin still had raw, purple elephant skin with no coat, he weighed only 78 lbs at a year old, and was miserable from being so sick. Anita informed me about raw diet, and it's benefits for all dogs, as well as dogs with issues like Berrin's. I kept hearing my vet say, "too bad this is the rest of his life, he's so young". I could not accept that for my GSD. August 13th, 2011 he was so bad, I just switched him to raw diet, with Anita's guidance (thank God for her patience and willingness to help). I saw changes as soon as 2 weeks in my dog, and at 8 weeks on raw he began growing a coat back. This August 13th will mark our one year on raw diet, and Berrin is now 115lbs of solid muscle, and has not one single allergy to this day. The 3 fold part comes in because not only do I have my healthy boy back, but we began training last fall for the first time ever in his life, as he can now be out side with no issues. Praying to do SAR with him, to help others. The 3rd and best part for me was, my vet was BLOWN AWAY by Berrin's condition after making the switch to raw (which my vet did not agree with). He and I talked in great length about what I did, and he was beyond pleased to learn from a customer he has been with for 22 yrs now. My vet now promotes raw diet.
Berrin and I owe everything to Anita, for her time, patience and knowledge changed and possibly saved my dogs life. I hope she shares Berrin's before and after pics with you, so you can see with your own eyes that she speaks FACTS. Facts can change a whole lot even when the best modern medicine can buy cannot. She will always be someone our family is grateful for. I forgot to add that he has an AMAZING thick, soft coat and is making up for lost time in the shedding department.
As always Anita, hugs to D and U...from big B and I !" -Michele H., NY

Michele Cook-Heffern

 "My dog Bella, a GSD/Siberian Husky mix, spent most of her days outdoors, chasing squirrels and patrolling her territory. Even at 10 years of age, she ran and jumped like a dog much younger. But during her 10th year, we noticed she was having trouble standing up and/or using the stairs. We accepted this as part of the aging process, but when she could no longer get up on her own, we took her to the vet. Xrays revealed no arthritis, hip or spinal issues, but blood tests weren't so positive. The vet told us that her liver was starting to fail, and this would probably continue with other organs. He said she would have to undergo extensive tests to determine the exact diagnosis, but as she was old, he told us to "consider all options" before putting her through that. With our hearts breaking, we took her home.

I immediately called my sister Anita with the sad news, and she recommended putting Bella on the raw diet. I knew that Anita had great success feeding her own dogs this way, but I was doubtful that changing Bella's diet would have much of an impact at this point. But by her 3rd day of eating raw, Bella was able to get up on her own and use the stairs again! By DAY 5, she was RUNNING AND JUMPING for her ball! By DAY 7, there were NO SIGNS OF ILLNESS at all. The difference made by one week on the raw diet was shocking -- diet can mean the difference between life and death.

When I brought her to the vet one year later for a routine checkup, he did a double-take. He was thrilled with her condition -- in addition to a complete recovery since the last time her saw her, he said her teeth looked fantastic, her ears were spotless and he couldn't get over her beautiful coat. When I told him about the raw diet, he expressed surprise but said, "Just keep doing it!"

That was almost 5 years ago. One year ago, we added a puppy to our home. She's been raw fed from the beginning, and she's now 80+ pounds of lean, crazy GSD energy. She's learned a lot from her "big sister" Bella. That's right -- although she's slowed down a bit, Bella's still up and around on her own. She still climbs the stairs, and still gets in/out of the car without assistance. Her teeth, ears, coat and appetite are still going strong. She has no arthritis, hip or spine problems, no liver malfunction, no issues with weight and is not on any medication! We're confident that we're giving her the best possible life, and every day that we have with her is a gift.
(NOTE: Anita recommends reading "Raw Meaty Bones" by Dr. Tom Lonsdale. It's very thorough and an excellent resource.)" -Anne M., Richfield, Oh.

  "As a new dog owner, Anita's advice helped me develop a safe, healthy, and biologically appropriate diet for my German Shepherd puppy who is now 2 and a half years old and very healthy. Thanks, Anita!" -Nigel W., Los Angeles, CA.

 "My two year old German Shepherd would not stop chewing the fur off her feet. Anita recommended a shampoo that would work on allergies and within a day her rash started clearing up and she stopped chewing. Anita has also helped putting her on a natural raw diet and my GSD's fur and skin has never look better!"-John N., Youngstown, Oh.

 "I started using the raw food diet when I got my two dachshunds 4 years ago. I also have a 15 year old Yorkie Pooh that was on regular dog food prior to getting the daschies. I also put her on the raw food diet.
My Yorkie always had allergies to flea bites and like clock work once or twice a year would get bit and then develop a hot spot that had to be treated with an allergy shot. After starting her on the raw food diet and adding brewers yeast to the food she has not had any allergy shots, hot spots or fleas for over 2 years. She just had a blood test done and the vet said all her organs are in wonderful condition.
All 3 dogs stools are very firm which is great for clean up. They eat twice as much as they would be able to if they ate dog food and they are still slender. Their teeth are in excellent condition, even my 15 yr old Yorkie.
  I am so thankful Anita had turned me on to the raw food diet because I have seen many benefits that I was told I would. I will never go back to using dog food again." -Sandy W., Boardman, Oh.

 "The raw diet has helped cure ailments and slow natural aging. With NO exceptions all of my dogs love it! Its so fresh and gives them nutrients they require. In a natural state. I've noticed shiny coats, beautiful teeth and great alertness. They also smell better. It bothers me to feed 'dog food' to my pets. It smells so bad!I know now that raw is the only way to go!" -AnnaMarie M., Youngstown, Oh

"After years of hearing testimonies of feeding raw, I have decided to make the switch. It is not costing me anymore to feed raw than it is to feed kibble, and the immediate and long term benefits far outweigh any inconvenience of juggling food between the freezer and fridge. I switched the dogs cold turkey (literally) on Sunday with no upset tummies and very happy dogs. Thank you to Anita Melfo for your expertise and your friendship as we make this switch. So far,I have no regrets."
-Michelle S. WI Owner/Operator Schroederhaus K9 Services